August 24, 2014

Practicing How to Write Letters and Numbers

I know working on writing letters and numbers over and over can get very boring, but hopefully these writing sheets will help your students not only learn how to write correctly, but stay engaged.
I teach how to correctly form letters and numbers from the very beginning of the year. When I introduce a letter for the first time, I show students how letters have different heights and we discuss why that is important. I whipped up these Alphabet Writing Sheets I could throw in centers for students to work on writing. I keep these worksheets in sheet protectors and in a binder to make it easy to keep everything together. Students can take the sheet protectors out if more than one kids wants to work on this at their center. 
Each letter has a green and red smiley face to show students where to start and stop when forming the number. The worksheets also have directional arrows to show students which way to go. 
Students can use wipe-off markers, pipe cleaners, Playdoh, Wikki Stix, or use race cars to "drive" around the number. 
 Of course the race cars are their favorite!
I have a D'Nealian version too! You can find them here.
Here are examples of the Number Writing Sheets that are used in the same way.
I have noticed having these tracing sheets have really helped students!
I love giving students a variety of tools to use when practicing with these worksheets to make it more hands-on. 
One more way we practice writing letters in my classroom is to use Dr. Jean's song "Letter Tales".  Dr. Jean has fantastic songs for learning and they are fun! You can find the "Letter Tales" song on her Just For Fun CD here (scroll almost to the bottom). This song is great because it sings about the letter and the sound, but sings it slow enough so students have time to write down the letters before it's time for the next letter. 
Help students learn how to write and form their numbers 1-20 correctly.
Help students learn how to write their alphabet letters with the proper handwriting skills as well as learning how to write numbers correctly.


  1. I'm going to try some of these tomorrow!! I love the car idea!

    1. Your boys will love the car idea too :) Hope this adds some fun to your writing block.

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  3. Thank you for making these worksheets! My daughter is almost 3 and I have been struggling to find a good way to teach her to write. I really think these are going to help both of us!