It's Fall Y'all - Math Centers for the Fall

It's officially Fall as of 10:29 last night! It's that time to enjoy some football, roast hot dogs, and carve pumpkins. It's my husband's favorite time of the year because he loves the crisp, cool air. I'm already complaining how cold it is and it's just started to get in the 60s; I much prefer to be warm and toasty :) Check out out this cute pullover with my logo on it that my husband got me. I'll definitely be wearing it this Fall. He snuck on my computer, got my logo, and surprised me with this! LOVE it!!

Anyway, as you know I still love teaching with some fun themed games that are still common core aligned. Since it's still early on, we are still learning about numbers and one to one correspondence. This game below can be played as a memory or matching game to work on those skills. Use just the number and picture cards or make it more advanced by adding in the number words. I show my students how to use our math focus wall to find the correct number word if they can't read them yet. 

My students love this game, even though it's so simple. They count the pumpkins, clip the clothespin on the correct number, then flip the card over to check if they got it right. I put a dot on the back of the card on the correct answer to make this a self-checking game. I think they just like using the clothespins. :)

The game below works on counting, 10 frames, numbers, and number words. I make this into a file folder game, but you could just have students match the cards up on the floor or play memory. My students like to turn everything into a memory game! You can find this game FREE in my TPT store.

Here's a super simple game made using the die cutting machine at my school. I just cut out the leaves, put some numbers and dots on, then cut them in half using different cutting techniques. This is yet another self-checking game that took no time to make.

You can find these games and more in my Fall packet which includes games for Science, Reading, and Math. 

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