October 25, 2014

Fall Favorites Blog Hop

I'm excited to be a part of this Fall Favorites blog hop! One of my Fall favorite products is something  I made awhile back, but was waiting for some cool Fall weather to get it out for centers. This Silent e S'mores game can be played a few different ways to allow for more engagement. 
Students will find a picture and then spell out the word using the s'more cards. Teach students how to build a s'more so they know that to build the word correctly by using 2 graham crackers, chocolate, and a marshmallow.
Grab a twig and let students roast a marshmallow over the fire for added fun!!
Students can spell the word horizontally like the pictures above, or stack the cards to make a real s'more.
Finally, students can record their answer on the worksheets provided. 
I'm putting this game and all my other Halloween and Fall products on SALE October 25-27th! Simply visit my TPT store here.

Now for a Fall FREEBIE...grab these Halloween cut & paste worksheets by clicking here!  
Are you on Teacher's Notebook? They are offering double reward points Saturday-Monday and everything in my TN store will be 20% off!!!

Continue through the blog hop and go visit my friend Katya at Cherry Workshop to get more Fall Favorites ideas and freebies!!! 

October 20, 2014

Literacy & Math Center Activities for Halloween

Halloween is coming soon and it's such a fun time of year! I just updated my Halloween Bundle that includes tons of literacy and math centers! These engaging centers work on letters, sounds, CVC words, sentences, numbers, counting, 1-1 correspondence, and more.
This simple file folder game is working on 1-1 correspondence using ten frames, numbers, and number words! 
 My students love playing this Halloween math game. They draw a number card, say the number (1-20), and then get to move around the board. However there are some tricky cards in the pile such as lose a turn or take a card from a friend. This game can be played many different ways to allow for differentiation. 
 My students love playing "war" during free time, so I started creating "war" games for math centers. This includes numbers 1-100 and they have a blast playing this! 
I am so excited about this Spin-a-Spider game that I just created. I made 4 different versions: numbers 1-10, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, and color words. I also have directions where this can be played like the game BUMP or this child just covered the shapes as he spun. There are also black/white versions so this can be used as a worksheet as well. 
This CVC game is a great way to get students to start to read simple words and then find the matching picture. This game also includes cards where students fill in the CVC word. 
Another favorite game in my class is scrambled sentences. I have SO many versions of scrambled sentences because my students keep asking for them. Students get to build 5 sentences about Halloween and then record their sentences on a worksheet. I love working with them on scrambled sentences, because it works on so many skills: sentence structure, sight words, punctuation, capitalization, etc. My students have started to learn to always put the word with the uppercase letter at the front and then the card with a punctuation at the end. Then they work on the rest of the words. They feel so confident when they get the sentences completed!
Have you grabbed this FREEBIE in my store yet If not, go get it NOW!!! The whole game is included in my Halloween packet, but you can grab a few of the worksheets by clicking here. I have a colored version for centers or a black/white version to be used as a worksheet for students to work on numbers 1-20.
Did you hear that Halloween is on a Friday this year, woohoo!!! :)

October 14, 2014

Jolly Phonics ~ A Multi-sensory Approach to Learning

Have you ever heard of the program called Jolly Phonics? It makes learning letters and sounds so much more fun by using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic clues! I was able to get a grant a few years back and bought many of the Jolly Phonics products.

Here are the big books that help introduce the letters and letter sounds. Jolly Phonics teaches all letters of the alphabet, digraphs, blends, and vowel digraphs. They teach the sounds in a specific order so students can start to build words. Jolly Phonics teaches the sounds first, then introduces the letter. 
Each sound has a story to read to the students. As you can see the page provides words with that sound and has multiple pictures that students can "spy" that have that sound in it. There are the same characters in the books, so the students like to find them throughout. 
At the bottom of the book it shows you a kinesthetic motion that you can teach for each sound. I find this to be incredibly helpful for students to learn their sounds!  
These are the sound cards that came with the kit. I printed them front/back from the manual and then had the time consuming task of coloring them all! I should've sent them home with a parent volunteer, but I'm kind of picky. :) I show the students the front part of the card, then they say the sound while doing the hand motion. On the back are the hand motions, making it easy to give to a sub or parent volunteer. Examples of the motions: J (jiggle like Jello) D (drum on a drum) A (ant crawling up your arm). The students love doing the Jolly Phonics cards when we practice our phonics for the day!
Below are some word cards that I throw in literacy centers or use during small group. The cards are in D'Nealian so it helps my students learn how to recognize letters in different fonts. This box includes letter cards, sight words, and simple words using the sounds taught in the program. They also have dots under the words to show students how to decode the word. 

I also bought the videos that review the sounds, but since this is a British based company, it's a little hard for my students to understand it all due to the heavy accent. They still enjoy it and like seeing the characters they've seen in the books. 

October 5, 2014

Fabulous Followers GIVEAWAY!!!

I'm tickled pink to announce I have recently reached 1,000 followers for my TPT store and 2,000 fans on my Facebook page! I'm SO very thankful for all of my followers and wanted to celebrate with a HUGE giveaway! I'm so lucky to have 40 of my sweet and talented friends to help me celebrate by donating products from their TPT stores. There are $275 worth of prizes!!! 

There are 6 prize packs that you can win, just simply enter the giveaway under each picture! If you win the a giveaway, you will be e-mailed all of the products you won in that prize pack. Good luck and thanks for being a follower! 

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October 2, 2014

October Currently & a TREAT!

Woohoo, it's time for Oh Boy 4th Grade's Currently linky! I had so much fun participating in this linky party last month and getting to read what everyone is up to. It's a great way to get to know some of your bloggy friends better. Make sure you visit Farley's page to see the rest of the Currently link-ups.

Here's what I'm up to this beautiful October day!

Listening - "Come on Down"...is something I would love to hear someday!! I LOVE the Price is Right and think it would be so much fun to be a part of the audience and possibly get called down. I'm really a game show addict. My family used to love watching game shows together and we played board games all the time.  I love the GSN (game show network) with all the old school games, and if a game show is on when I'm around my sisters, you better believe we are watching it. 

Loving - I'm so happy that Grey's Anatomy and Scandal are back on!! Many people have stopped watching Grey's, but I still like it. Scandal is my new favorite! I started watching it last year and watched the marathon of season 1 in 2 days so I could be caught up. Did you watch How To Get Away With Murder that comes on after Scandal? It was pretty good too! Let's face it, there goes my whole Thursday night! 

Thinking - This Halloween bundle really needs updating! I did a good job of updating my Back to School, Apples, and Fall theme packs a month or 2 before people typically purchase them. However,  I've been on this Fluency & Fitness kick that I haven't gotten around to my Halloween bundle. That's my goal for next week! 

Wanting - It's October already, yet this past week in Indiana we've been in the high 70's. It's been so nice outside I wish it would stay this way! I'm not much or a cool/cold weather kinda gal.

Needing - Does anyone else feel like they need a secretary to help them with TPT products? I have all of these ideas that I want to do, along with people requesting products, and I feel like I can't keep up. I've told my husband that I can show him how to make products that have the same format and all he'd need to do is change the words or clipart, but he's not buying into it. LOL!

Treat - Here's a FREE Halloween Roll & Color game as my treat to you, just click on the picture below!!

Go link up with Farley so I can see what you're up to currently!