December 13, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Sales ~ DAY 1

It's the beginning of the 12 Days of Christmas Sales!!! All of these products below have been discounted to $1 for TODAY ONLY!!!

Here are the links for the games:
Christmas Alphabet Games
Penguin Pals CVC Words
Snowman Sums (BRAND NEW GAME!!!)

If your students need a little practice working on addition within 10, check out this new Snowman Sums game! It can be played 3 different ways so it can stay in your Winter centers for a long time! For the first game, students have to answer the math fact, if correct, they can spin and move around the board.
For this version, students have to answer the math fact. Whatever the answer is, they get to put a cotton ball on that number. First one to fill the board is the winner!! Students can also use the addition math fact cards & answer cards to play Memory.
Race & Read was a game I'd made when I first started creating on TPT. I use it with my students during RTI. I have completed re-created this game with better clipart and a simpler format. Students simply roll the dice, read the row of letters, words, etc. next to that number. If correct, they can move that many spots around the board game. I let my students use race cars to "race & read" down the row. This game includes sheets for letters, beginning sounds, CVC words, sight words, and sentences.
Check out all the other teachers offering $1 deals today by clicking here! C-ya tomorrow for $2 deals!!

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