Christmas centers for this CRAZY time of year

Who doesn't dread the last week before Christmas break? No one is in the mood to lesson plan and it gets harder and harder to keep students engaged. Save yourself some time and grab this pack of 14 centers that you can use in your literacy, math, and writing stations for the week. These are hands-on activities that keep students engaged, but are also easy to make! Below is a preview of all the games included!
I played this Gingerbread Ending Sounds game with my lower academic students. We first just matched the pictures to the sound, then we played it Memory style to make it a bit more difficult. 
If you're a follower, you've seen my Scrambled Sentences games before. Here, they are working on building 5 Christmas themed sentences and recording their answers. Scrambled sentences are a part of our centers often, so the students already know how to play. I just throw in the new cards & they are ready to go without any more explanation. 
We are starting to be beginning readers and it never hurts to have enough CVC word practice! 
I love this Santa's Shapes game!! We've been working on 2D & 3D shapes which can be a tough concept, so I whipped up this game for extra practice. I like that students have to sort not only the shapes, but real life objects as well. 
My students are obsessed with dry-erase markers!! If I have a worksheet for them, I typically throw it in a sheet protector so they can have the added fun of dry-erase markers. I do a graphing center for each month, so this game never needs an explanation except the first time. Our school limits our paper use and doesn't really like us to do worksheets. Sheet protectors are a great solution and you can have your students take a picture of their work on the iPad so you can hold them accountable! 
Do you do mClass Math testing? These worksheets are great practice throughout the year to have students work on quantity discrimination, missing numbers, and number fluency. Once again, thrown in a sheet protector! I sell these worksheets in a MEGA bundle as well as separately. I have black/white versions as well.
I love the Christmas season so much that I'm getting together with some of my friends to do 12 Days of Christmas Sales. On the 1st day of Christmas some of my products will be $1, on the 2nd day of Christmas my products will be $2, etc. I'll be posting about it on my Facebook and Instagram page, so be sure you follow me so you can see what products are on sale each day!! It starts December 13th.

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