Simple Comprehension Worksheets for Beginning Readers

Last week I created 2 new printable packs that can last you all year long. Once you explain how to do these worksheets, you can throw them in centers all year and never have to explain them again! Who doesn't love that??

Both packets have 2 versions of worksheets for each month of the year to allow for differentiation amongst your class. In Cut & Comprehend students will read a simple word or sentence, cut it out, glue it under the correct picture, and color the picture. I've added some color words to see if students really read the word/sentence and color the pictures correctly. For the first few months of the year the sentences have simpler sight words, then get more difficult throughout the year.  

I have a lot of students that love to draw, so I wanted to create a version where they can use their creativity. Decode & Draw is very similar to Cut & Comprehend, however students will read the word or sentence, then draw a picture to match. Once again, you'll get 2 versions of the worksheet to last you all 12 months. The sentences are different, but have similar words, than those in Cut & Comprehend. This way you can buy both packets and not feel that students will already know the sentences. 

Click here to get this FREE sample of the Cut & Comprehend packet.  You'll be able to download both versions of the Christmas themed worksheets. I hope this makes your December a little bit easier! 

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