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My Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Digraphs game is brand-new and can be played multiple ways to help your students master digraphs. 
Students can sort the word or picture cards to the correct digraph bathtub depending on their skill level. They can also match the word to the correct picture as well!
After students finish playing the game, they can complete this worksheet to get even more practice on digraphs, and it could be a quick assessment for you to see if they know their digraph sounds. 
If you are still working on the alphabet and sounds, check out this "sweet" game! 
Students can match uppercase and lowercase letters, match letters to their beginning sound, or match all 3! 
My class loves games, so I incorporate game boards into a lot of my centers. I also use the same board over and over and just switch out the cards! Here, students are drawing a card and saying what beginning sound they hear, or what sound that letter makes. If correct, they can roll the dice and move around the game board. 

Number Sense ~ How to Represent Numbers

We start off our number sense unit by making an anchor chart that explains how we can represent numbers in many ways. Anchor charts are a great reference for students to refer to when they need help. I just make simple anchor charts, that I whip up with the students. I read once that anchor charts need to be authentic and done in class with the students, not made up ahead of time. This way students follow along with what you are explaining and get to help create the chart with their ideas/examples.
Students need a lot of practice with number sense, so they truly understand how numbers work and are related to each other. I created these simple worksheets to have students work on the multiple ways to show a number. I made the worksheets double sided and then put them in sheet protectors to make them dry-erase. They love anything dry-erase!! You can find these worksheets in my store here
I also have a version for numbers 11-20 here!
This treasure number sense game has students matching up gold coins that show a variety of ways to represent numbers to the correct treasure box with the number on it. While working with students on number sense, I have students explain how they got their answers to see if they really know how to recognize numbers and relate them to each other without always having to count all of the dots on a dice or ten frame. Students that really grasp this concept should be able to say "I know there are 5 dots on the top of a 10 frame, so I counted 5 then added the 3 more on the bottom row to get 8. 
This file folder game below can be played 3 different ways. Students can match up the number word, number, or number sets to the correct dog house. 
Have you ever played Kaboom? My students love it so much, that I keep it in centers all year round. It's super easy to prepare too! For number sense practice, I put popsicle sticks in a small Pringles can. On the popsicle sticks I write numbers, number words, tally marks, dice, etc. The students pick one out at a time and say what number it is, if correct, they can keep it. If they pick the KABOOM stick, they have to return all of their popsicle sticks back to the container. 
Once you feel that your students really understand number sense, you could do my Number Sense Fluency & Fitness game. It projects number sense skills onto your screen for students to say and every so often an exercise screen comes up to get them moving! It's a great way to review these skills, but the students think they are getting a brain break! :) Here's a peek of a few of the Number Sense Fluency & Fitness games in action!

It's Turkey Time!

I finally got my Thanksgiving packet updated with a few new games and I got to use some of Krista Wallden's adorable Thanksgiving Buddies clipart! This packet has 13 games now and can be used for social studies, reading, writing, and math!! In case you are preparing your Thanksgiving themed centers, read below to see some of the games included. 
We are continuing to work on recognizing and counting numbers. Students got to use feathers to add to these turkeys, which was a big hit! Be prepared to find pieces of feather everywhere! For the clothespin count & clip game, I put a dot on the back of the card behind the correct answer so they can be self-checking.
We also used these number puzzles to work on 1-1 correspondence!
It's time to introduce 2D and 3D shapes, so I made this simple sorting game. Students sort shape cards and cards with real life images. There is also a worksheet for students to cut/paste the images into the boats. 
 To gear up for our mClass Dibels math assessments, I always throw in some missing number worksheets. I add them to sheet protectors so they can be in centers and used over and over.
 Here's a simple color by number that comes with 3 versions of worksheets.
To review beginning sounds some more, I made this simple matching game. My students also like to play this as memory too!
The students had so much fun with this sight word game! It is played like Old Maid and whoever was left with the "dinner" card lost. They weren't very good at keeping it a secret when they picked the "dinner" card from a friend.

I do scrambled sentences in my classroom all the time! The students love them and they work on so many skills! These boys were building 5 sentences about Thanksgiving and learning some new vocabulary such as Pilgrims and Native Americans which one boy kept calling it Navy Americans LOL!
I also always try to include an emergent reader into my centers. This gives students a chance to work on reading, hunt for sight words, and just take a relaxing break to color. I created 2 emergent readers for this month, and this "Hunting for Hats" has the turkey finding different color of hats. 
I've been doing the disguise a turkey project ever since I started teaching. It's one of my favorite bulletin boards to do because it gets parents involved and the turkeys always turn out so dang cute! Some parents are very creative!! Like my title "Turkey Dressing"?? I got the pattern for these turkeys so many years ago, I can't even remember where. However, my friend Melissa has a really cute "Disguise a Turkey" product you can find here if you are looking for a turkey template. 
How cute are these three turkeys!!!
Here's another bulletin board I like to put up in November about how to cook a turkey. It is really funny to see how the students think a turkey is made. Like my turkey in a pan?? I found this turkey hat a few years back in the Target dollar spot and knew I could use it for something. 
I just had to share these two papers. In case you aren't a Kindergarten teacher that knows how to read this kind of writing, let me share what it says. 

(left paper) First, grab them by the neck. Next, peck the feathers off. Then, put it in the oven. Cook at 20 degrees for 1 minute. Serve with soup.
(right paper) First, kill it. Next, take the bones out. Then, take the feathers off. Cook at 30 degrees for 10 minute. Serve with carrots.
You can grab this and 2 more writing prompts for FREE in my TPT store!!
If you want to see what other activities are included in my Thanksgiving Bundle, click here!