Winter Literacy & Math Centers and a FREEBIE

This is my first posting using my new MacBook Air! I got it from my husband for Christmas since my old MacBook Pro is about 6 years old and I LOVE this laptop! It does take awhile to get everything transferred from one computer to another, but I think I've finally got it done. I've been kind of in a creative funk lately and haven't been posting much or creating new TPT products. Anyone else get that way?? I've just enjoyed being lazy over Winter break and spending time with family. Hopefully, this new laptop will get me motivated again ;) Like my hot pink Beats headphones too?
Can you believe it's time to go back to school already? These breaks sure go fast! I've recently updated my Winter Packet and added more games! One thing I try to do in my bundles is create games with a similar format, so teachers can put the game in a center and students will already know how to play. Here a peek at a few games included in the packet.
These photos are being recycled from a previous post, but it's such a fun way to work on addition to 10! It can be played a few different ways, so it can stay in your centers all January long. Students can answer the addition problem and cover the snowball that matches the correct answer or they can use the game board to work on their addition skills.
These next 2 pictures of my 1-1 correspondence (1-20) games. I use small white pom poms for student to count out the "marshmallows" that go in the hot chocolate. 
If you're a follower you've seen this type of game in my other theme packs. Students work on numbers 1-20 and move around the game board until someone wins! 
To get more practice with place value, we use these cards to count the base 10 blocks and clip the clothespin to the correct number. This Polar Bear Place Value Game come with 3 activities to work on place value. 
 After students play the games in centers, they can use this worksheet to break numbers in tens & ones.
Are your students ready to work on CVC words or sort pictures by their short vowel sound? Then this game will be perfect for you! Students can match up the words to the correct picture. Also included are igloos with the 5 vowels on them so students can sort the words or pictures to the short vowel sound they hear. 
This game is similar to my Scrub-a-Dub-Dub-Digraphs since students can match the word or picture to the correct digraph sound they hear. They could also use the word and picture cards to play memory! 
I created 2 emergent readers with simple sentences. One story is about the steps it takes to make a snowman and the other works on counting mittens and filling in the blank with number words or adjectives. 
These are just a few of the games included in my Winter Literacy & Math Bundle! Some of these are sold separately in my store, but you'll save a lot of money by purchasing the bundle. I hope you enjoy this bundle as much as this buyer does!!
Don't forget to snatch up this FREE shape game! Snowy Shape Bump works on 2D and 3D shapes. Students cover up the shape that they spin, but if their friend spins the same shape, they can get BUMPED off! Students love this!!

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