February 26, 2015

Celebrate Dr. S with FREEBIES!

Are you ready to celebrate the good Dr.? I think it's one of the most fun themes to do all year! It's a week of classic books, dress-up days, and a celebration of reading! Before our fun week starts, I send home this letter to inform parents about our Dr. S dress up week. You can get it FREE here
Due to Dr. S having strict copyright laws, I cannot create activities for you and sell them on TPT. :( Here are some of the ones I use in my classroom, if you need ideas to make yourself. 

You can never get enough CVC practice, so I changed out my Valentine's Day CVC cards, and threw these in instead! These kiddos are building words using some alphabet letters beads. They are getting so good at building and reading CVC words by getting all this extra practice during literacy centers. 
We are still working on 2 letter word families, but are ready to move to 3 letter word families. These students are working on sorting the words to the correct family. This game has students matching 4 "sock" words to their "fox" word family card.
We just finished a unit on skip counting, so I made these cards for students to review that skill while at math centers. They work on counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.
The students really enjoyed this rhyming game. They matched up rhyming cards and recorded their answers on the worksheet. I played this with a few of my lowest students who still needed rhyming help. It was also a great way to work on stretching out words when they recorded their answers.  
Another way to practice word families is with this hat craft. I give each student a hat and 3 red stripes. They had to cut the hat out and assemble it to resemble a famous silly cat's hat. They get to choose one word family and write it at the bottom. Then the come up with 3 words in that word family. I haven't been as good at taking bulletin board pictures as I used to, hence the 2007 date on the photo. ;)
I post these hats on a bulletin board along with a few of my favorite Dr. S quotes and book covers. 
A few years ago, my nephew had a Dr. S themed birthday party.  I found all these fun food ideas on Pinterest, and made them for his party. I thought I'd share these photos because these would be perfect for an end of the week celebration!
These are the same turtle pretzels that I posted about in December as an easy idea for a Christmas snack. You can read about how to make them here
Have fun celebrating reading next week!!

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