February 12, 2015

Easy Center for the Whole Year - Dot It! Games

Are you sick of coming up with center ideas? Want something that you can easily throw into a literacy or math center and the students already know what to do? My Dot It! bundles are just that!
My Dot It! Literacy and Math bundles are some of my students favorite activities! They even ask if they can do the worksheets more than once. This student is working on CVC words. He found the "bug" on the purple gum ball, hunts for the word "bug" on the worksheet, then gets to "dot it" with a purple BINGO Dauber. They do this for all of the words, matching the color of the BINGO dauber to the color of the gum ball they found. 
These students are working hard on ending sounds! We talk about how to put the lid on after you use it each time. Also, we practice how to use just a dot and not squeeze the dauber too hard. 
Included in my Dot It! Literacy Bundle is an editable version of this sight word game. You can type in your own words on the gum balls and the worksheet as your students learn more words. 
My math bundle has 11 games including this 10 frame game. 
 Here's an example of the shape activity which works on 2D shapes. 
Students can also practice addition and subtraction with these worksheets as well.

All you need are these bundles and some BINGO daubers, and you can use this center all year! All I have to do is throw in the new worksheets and gum balls into a center, and the students already know how to play! Easy peasy! I use Dot-a-Dot markers (<---affiliate link) which you can get on Amazon, Michaels, or any school catalog. 
I bundled these by subject, so you only have to buy what you teach!
                  Literacy skills include:                             Math skills included:
                  - Alphabet                                                -Numbers 0-10
                  - Beginning Sounds                                   -Number Words
                  - Middle Sounds                                        -Dice
                  - Ending Sounds                                       -Shapes
                  - Rhyming                                                -10 Frames
                  - CVC words                                             -Tally Marks
                  - Digraphs                                                -Adding to 10
                  - R-controlled vowels                                 -Subtracting within 10
                  - Silent e                                                  -Time
                  - Sight words (editable)                             -Money
                                                                                 -Place Value
Having a game with the same format that I can use all year is such a time saver, but the fact that the students actually look forward to going to this center and practicing these skills, make this even better!

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