February 8, 2015

Secret Admirer Blog Hop

All the girls over at our collaborative blog Elementary Entourage decided to do a secret admirer gift exchange. We each got to make up a small gift and send it to one of our bloggy buddies. My secret admirer was Keri over at Enchanted Kindergarten. If you don't follow Keri, you are missing out!!
Look at all the great stuff I got!! Yes, those are fuzzy handcuffs. LOL! Isn't her valentine card so cute! 
She knows me well because Diet Mt. Dew and Charming Charlie are some of my favorite things! If you haven't been to a Charming Charlie, you need to find one! It has a TON of cheap, yet cute accessories and some clothes, but the best part, is that it's all organized by color! Not sure why I like that fact so much, maybe it's my OCD. I love that I don't have to waste my time searching through the whole store, I just go the pink section if I need a pink necklace. 
Enough about Charming Charlie, we know why you stopped by my page today...for your FREEBIE!! This blog hop will give you a lot of ideas to make for your students this year for Valentine's Day. My students pick stamps out of the prize box a lot, so I decided to give them all a Valentine's Day stamp. Here's a preview of what they'll be getting. 
Things you need to make these:
-stamps (found these at Wal-Mart)
-glue dots or a hot glue gun
-your FREE Valentine's Day cards
How to make these:
-download the FREEBIE below
-once it opens as a PDF, type your name in the light blue box, then print
-attach the stamps to the cards using a small glue dot or hot glue gun

Grab your Valentine FREEBIE by clicking the image below. 
Now follow the blog hop to get more Valentine's Day FREEBIES!


  1. I love Charming Charlies!! We'll have to make a stop on our road trip :)

    Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten

    1. It's not too far from my house! :) Can't wait til March!!

  2. Love these little cuties...I am so impressed!!! And Diet Mountain Dew?? The best!!! :)

  3. wow, you picked the perfect fonts for your card!! :))) Love it, thanks so much. Kids love stamps!

  4. I have not ever been to a Charming Charlies, even though we do have them in PA, I think!!! Yes, I second what Jess said. Let's stop! :) And remember.... bring the handcuffs! Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  5. AHHH! I need those stamps! Such a cute idea. You girls are adding way too much to my to buy list. :-)

    Enchanted Kinder Garden

  6. I love this!! I also love Charming Charlies! :]