February 2, 2015

You asked for it...Fluency & Fitness MEGA Bundle

I've had many people ask if I would ever be willing to bundle all of my Fluency & Fitness sets. It took a long time, but it is DONE!! You can check out the whole Fluency & Fitness MEGA Bundle here!
The MEGA bundle includes all 30+ sets of my reading and math fluency and fitness bundles. It will be a growing bundle, so as I add sets, you'll be able to re-download the product and get the new sets for FREE! The price will go up each time I add a new set. You get a better deal if you buy the MEGA bundle, but you can purchase just the Reading Bundle or Math Bundle that I just added as well.

The Fluency & Fitness Reading Bundle contains includes:
-Sounds (beginning, middle, end)
-R-controlled Vowels
-Long Vowels
-Nonsense Words
-CVC Words
-Short Vowels
-Silent e
-Dolch Words
-Fry Words (1st, 2nd, 3rd 100)
-Sight Word Phrases
-Parts of Speech
-Word Families
-Numbers to 1,000
-Number sense
-Missing Numbers
-Comparing Numbers
-Addition & Subtraction mixed
-Place Value
-Skip Counting
Heres some kiddos doing the CVC Words Bundle and the Number Sense Bundle which are two of my top selling Fluency & Fitness bundles. I'd love to see a video of your students in action doing Fluency & Fitness!

But wait...Fluency & Fitness doesn't just have to be a whole group activity. If you set your printer to print multiple pages per sheet (I choose 9 per page), it creates little flashcards. Students can pull out a card, say the number, letter, word, etc. or do the exercise for a few seconds before pulling another card. Easy literacy and math centers!
What teachers are saying about Fluency & Fitness:
"This bundle is AMAZING! My kids absolutely love practicing their skills with this fun and engaging fluency practice. This has become a staple in Math and Reading. Won't teach again without it!" - Sofie
"This has become my favorite Tpt purchase. There is so much included in the bundle, and my students are engaged from start to finish. They can't get enough of it, and neither can I!" -Jackie
"I use this everyday. My students love it! They look forward to it and call it their exercise!" - Danielle
"My kinders LOVE this SO much that I am going to get more!" - Tiffany 
"I had been hunting and brainstorming for fun ways to practice sight words, while introducing my kinders to more sight words throughout the year - this is the answer!! I am so happy to have this bundle." - The Kindergarten Connection

I hope you are as excited about these bundles as I am! I've had such amazing feedback on these products and I love hearing that your students ask to do these!! If you have any photos or videos of these in action, I'd love to see them!! 


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