Engaging Centers and Crafts Just in Time for Easter

To make our room festive for Easter, we create these small bunny baskets and I give students the chance to bring in something small for their classmates, similar to what I do with their stockings at Christmas. These Easter baskets are super easy to make: you just need a few plates, construction paper, and Easter grass! My students get to choose what colors they want to use for their grass and bunny ears/nose. 

Another easy craft are these "peek-a-boo" bunnies, and they are always a hit in my class! I give my students 2 ovals and have them decorate one any way they want to, and then they make a bunny face on the second oval. Make sure your students color the top egg first before cutting it in half. I go around and assemble them with metal brads as they are working on their bunny face. 
I finally got around to updating my Easter bundle and ended up adding 3 new games to it! It now includes 6 math and 5 literacy activities for your students to get lots of egg-stra practice! ;) 
We've been working on place value, so this Place Value Peeps game gives my students a lot of reinforcement during center time. They just clip the clothespin on the correct number, then flip it over to see if they got the right answer (I put a black dot behind the correct number).
This is a simple worksheet where students break up the number into tens and ones.
My students love doing these graphs with the dry erase markers and the dice, so I have a set of 2 graphs for each month in my A Year of Graphing Bundle! I do hold them accountable by making them fill out the response sheet about their graph after they finish. 
You can also just use it as a worksheet too instead of putting it in a page protector. 
This Number Chicks game helps students work on their number, number words, and 1-1 correspondence. 
Syllables always seem to be a hard skill for Kindergarteners to get, so this Easter Syllables game gives them a bit more practice clapping out the syllables in each picture.
This is a new game in my bundle and it is helping my students work on the middle sound they hear in the word. They simply had to cut out the pictures on the bottom and glue it into the correct cup that matches the middle sound in the word. I made 5 different versions so they can get a lot of practice on short vowels.
We are needing more practice on word families, so I use this Egg-celent Word Families game in my literacy centers. My high students use the cards with 3 letter word families, while my lowers students are still using the 2 letter word family cards.
I hope you have an EGG-CELENT Easter!!!


  1. My class made your adorable bunnies today! They loved them! Here are the pictures I posted. http://iamcampingteacher.blogspot.com/

    1. I just checked them out. They are so adorable!! Glad to hear you liked them enough to do them in your own room :)