March 6, 2015

Literacy & Math Centers for St. Patrick's Day with a FREEBIE

I can't believe I'm gearing up for St. Patrick's Day centers and there's snow on the ground! Can it please stop already!! Here are a few of the games that I put in my literacy and math centers for St. Patrick's Day. These are all included in my St. Patrick's Day bundle.  
I'm sure you've heard of the game "BUMP", where students roll the dice, cover the number, but can BUMP each other off that spot too. My students LOVE this game! They get a kick out of bumping their friend's piece off the board, so I added this Counting Coins Bump game to my math centers. Some of my students still need help recognizing numbers and adding with 2 dice. 
You can never get too much graphing in! I use these graphing paper in sheet protectors, so students can use dry-erase markers for added fun! After they roll and graph their results, they have a set of questions they have to answer about their graph. What is it about dry-erase markers and dice that makes things so much more exciting?
I used these worksheets below when working with some of my students who need a little extra math RTI support. One student is still working on numbers 1-10, while the other one was ready to go to 20. They both were working on filling in missing numbers and searching for the biggest number. 
For literacy, we have been discussing tricky sounds and working on digraphs. I created this simple sorting game, which includes pictures and words so I can differentiate the game depending on the group. I also used pictures/words that have the digraph not only at the beginning of the word, but also at the end for added difficulty.
As you know from my blog, I create a lot of games with game boards for my competitive kiddos. This game has them reading sight words from the pre-primer and primer Dolch lists. I like using the same type of games in my centers, so I can just throw in the new game/cards, and my students already know how that game works. 
My students actually took this picture below with our iPad because they were excited at how quickly they were able to build these scrambled sentences. If they choose, each group can take 1 picture with the iPad during each center so they can show me their work. This cuts down from the students wanting to interrupt me during small group, just to show me how good they did. :) I show some of these photos when we have our "share time" at the end of reading and math workshop. 
If you need something for a writing center, you can grab these FREE St. Patrick's Day ABC order cards and recording sheet by clicking here. Enjoy!


  1. You have such cute products! Thank you for the ABC Order activity. My students will love it!

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