March 15, 2015

Teacher's Pets Linky Party

I'm linking up with some of my friends to tell you all about our pets! I have 2 puggles (pug/beagle mix), but they are not brother and sister. We got Barkley back when we graduated from college and moved into our first apartment. After about a year, we felt that he needed a friend, so we got Zoey. Barkley is 9 years old and Zoey is almost 7. They LOVE each other and snuggle ALL the time!!
Barkley has more pug in him and he LOVES to eat! He's a little husky, but I swear you'd think we never fed the guy. He can't wait for breakfast and dinner and then scarfs down his food, then gives us a look like "is that all?". Barkley is also very attached to us. He likes to sit with us on the couch, follow us around the house, and even stand in between me and the cabinets when I cook. 

Zoey has more of the Beagle side in her and she loves to chase things. She is also a mama's girl and love to snuggle with me. She is much more laid back than Barkley and enjoys just sitting in the sun, enjoying the weather. 
I only have a few products that could go along with a pet theme you have in your classroom. Dog Gone Good Number Games works on number words, counting 1-10, and 1-1 correspondence. 
Sometimes the people that have a pet fish get left out as being pet owners, so here's a game for them! My students LOVE to play Go Fish during their free play, so I decided to make a sight word version to throw in literacy centers. They are really enjoying it and all I have to do is switch out the cards every so often. 
When we moved into our house, we had these 4 built in cubbies in the entry way. We decided to make the other 2 cubbies for Barkley and Zoey! 

We got these nameplates made at Things Remembered with all of our names on them. :) I also love shopping at HomeGoods and found this cute frame and treat jar there!

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  1. You pups are SOOOO cute! I absolutely LOVE your built-ins :) Just showed my husband that picture and said "Definitely next house" (we just moved into our new house two months ago!) hahaha. Great post!
    The Techie Teacher

    1. Thanks Julie!! I love having the built-ins to throw my stuff down when I come home.

  2. Ok I have decided that I am in love with your dogs AND your house!

  3. Barkley and Zoey look SOOOOO cute together! We've considered getting a partner for Jeter, but aren't exactly sure how old he should be before we bring in another pup. Any suggestions?
    :0) Melissa
    More Time 2 Teach

    1. Barkley was about 1 1/2 years old when we got Zoey and we'd had him about a year. He did great with Zoey and didn't seem to be jealous and LOVED chasing her around and playing with her. Just make sure you still give your Jeter a lot of attention so he doesn't feel left out or jealous of the new puppy.

  4. Hi Brittany! Your pugs are so precious together! The beagle side of my dog Roger makes him so cuddly and he LOVES to sunbathe. He can find the one tiny spot of sun shining through the window at any point of the day! Your house looks beautiful, I love the built in cubbies. Hope you have a great day!

    Teach Talk Inspire

    1. Thanks Jayme! I actually came home today and Zoey was sitting in our patio furniture just enjoying the sun. I thought it was so funny since I just posted about that! Must be a beagle thing :)

  5. I LOVE your cubbies! As my Boston friend Julie Pettersen would say, wicked cool. Thank you for linking up with us today:)
    xoxo, Amy