Beginning Sounds Activities for Kindergarten Students & New Brain Breaks

I recently made an alphabet bundle to help some of my struggling students that still don't know their whole alphabet. You can read about about how I use my Letter RTI Bundle in my previous post here. Beginning sounds have seemed to come a bit easier for those students, but they still need some extra practice; therefore I created this Beginning Sounds RTI Bundle. The activities in this bundle will give my students the repeated practice they need.
This beginning sounds book can be used as a flip book or you can glue the pages down and make it an interactive notebook. 
For each activity, I try to find a few ways to use it. These worksheets can let kids find the letter that matches the beginning sound in the picture or find the picture that matches the beginning sound shown. 
My students LOVE dice games so I created this simple worksheet that lets students roll the dice, say the sound that letter makes, find a picture with that beginning sound, then color it.
These beginning sounds worksheets can be easily differentiated for your students. You can have students match the letters to the correct picture or matching the pictures to the correct beginning sound. 
Spinner games are always a favorite as well! They have to say what the beginning sound is in the picture they spun before they can color their stars.
I've been busy this week creating new products, so I wanted to share with you my new editable Brain Break cards. I've been using brain breaks for a few years in my classroom. Previously, I had written down ideas on popsicle sticks and kept them in a cup so they were easy to grab. I decided I wanted to spruce them up a bit and make them into cards. I wanted to be able to keep them on a ring and hang them by my rocking chair, but also on the other side of the room by our door. 
There are 30 brain break activities with directions you can print on the back of the cards so even a substitute will know how to use these. I included an editable slide, so you can make up your own brain breaks! Some of the brain breaks are games, songs, stretches, movements, etc. to give your students a chance to get their jitters out!  

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