May 28, 2015

End of the Year Cleaning - Put Your Students to Work

As the year winds down, we have to prepare our classrooms for Summer cleaning. We have to remove everything from our walls, bulletin boards, shelves, and countertops. Everything gets shoved into cabinets and closets. I put my students to work the last few days of schools to help me tear down the room. They think it is SO much fun to help and it helps me get everything back in its spot and ready for the next school year. Students are put into small groups and given an "organization task". 

I take everything off the walls and then students take out the staples. I also have them sort the cards back in order by letter, number, month, etc. 
As we tear down our math wall, students help un-bundle our straws we counted all year long. 
Have student work on sorting cards back into the correct container and they can tell if you if you don't have a complete deck.
We make sure our books are in the correct basket and that they are all facing the same way. 
 We received new Big Books, so they are helping put them away for Summer.
The art center can become a mess throughout the year, so students are throwing away tiny crayons, markers that don't work, bad glue sticks, etc. 
The biggest mess is when we organize our puzzles. :) I have students work in groups to put the puzzles together to make sure we have all the pieces.
Once each group finished their task, they help on the mess of puzzle pieces!
By having them help, it saves me a lot of time, and helps me know what I need to re-stock up on for next year. 

May 23, 2015

Indiana Bloggers $1 SALE

I'm so excited to link up with my fellow Indiana teachers to share some $1 DEALS with you this Indy 500 weekend. ;) I'm offering 4 products for only $1 Saturday - Monday ONLY, so get them while you can! 

Syllables are always a hard skill to master, so we work on them all year long. I think this April Showers Syllables game is so cute, mainly because of this adorable clipart!  It helps students sort words with 1-4 syllables.
My class loves playing go fish, so I added sight words and turned one of their favorite games into a literacy center: Go Fish Sight Words!
I'm putting my Primer Dolch Words Fluency & Fitness game on SALE as well, because my students LOVE doing these as brain breaks! I have a ton of these games to work on a variety of reading and math skills. 
I don't have a video showing my Primer Words Fluency & Fitness, but here's a video of my Fry Words bundle that is played the same way. Students simply say the word on the screen, and then do the exercise when it comes up. Teachers get to control how fast or slow students need to say the words, so you can go slow at the beginning of the year and faster at the end of the year!3
Summer Scrambled Sentences will help students learn how to build sentences about fun things to do in the summer. This is great practice for sentence structure, sight words, reading, and writing when they record their sentences on the worksheet provided. 
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May 12, 2015

Summer SAVINGS - Literacy & Math Centers and a FREEBIE

I'm using my May centers as a review of everything we've learned. I love how colorful all these centers are because of their bright Summer and ocean themed colors! Below, students are matching up the pictures to the correct CVC word they read in this Summer CVC Words game.  
As an end of the year review for math facts, I'm using this Pirate Math game which works on addition and subtraction. 
Students can work on sorting shapes into each column depending how many sides they have. I included standard shapes and real-life objects for students to sort. 
I have a graphing game in my centers each month, because it's a skill that can always be practiced. I put my graphing sheets in page protectors so they become wipe-off! 
I am using this Scoopin' Up Rhymes game to differentiate amongst my students. Some students match the rhyming word to a  picture, some match the rhyming words, and some match all 3. I also have ice cream cones with CVC words and harder ones with blends, digraphs, and CVCe words. 
I created this Ocean Commotion sight word game for students to review all the words they've learned throughout the year. 
You can find all of the activities above in my Summer Savings Bundle
Since I do really enjoy making bulletin boards, I wanted to share a few with you that I have done in May before. I found both of these ideas on a Pinterest a few years back, but can't remember who they were from. I thought this watermelon bulletin board turned out so cute. As I look back at this photo, I'm annoyed that I didn't cut the pictures into ovals so they fit into the seeds better. :)
Another one I like doing is a Summer Bucket List board. I add the student pictures to the shovels and have students list 5 things they want to do over the Summer. 
Can you read this Kindergarten writing? Here's what this student wasn't to do: swimming, picnic, Brooks School Park, play outside, and go to the water park. Sounds like he'll have a busy Summer!
At the end of the year, I send home a small Summer packet home with my students that includes writing paper, a sight word list, and a Summer calendar with quick activities. This way students can do a quick review each day and not lose too much of what they've learned the past year. 
How about a FREEBIE to celebrate the end of the year? You can grab a sample of my Summer Shapes games here or grab the whole game and MORE in my Summer Savings Bundle
For more FREE ideas, read about my 5 Fun & Easy Games to Keep Kids Learning this Summer.

May 5, 2015

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