June 1, 2015

Currently - June

I'm linking up with Farley again for her Currently linky party. I haven't participated for a few months, but I'm feeling back on track now!
Listening: I'm watching a re-run of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I don't record it, but I do like watching it when it's on even though it's super dramatic. What do you watch over the Summer? All my TGIF shows aren't on and I haven't found a good series to get into yet.

Loving: My mother-in-law makes this fantastic strawberry cake. It was my husband's birthday last week, so she brought over a whole cake just for the 2 of us. It's one of my favorite desserts!
Thinking: I need some Summer post ideas! What do you want to know or read about? I feel like I won't have as much to post about with school not in session. 

Wanting: our floors to be fixed from our water damage back at the beginning of May. Our washer overflowed and I didn't it catch it for a little bit. It came raining through our ceiling light onto our kitchen floor and now we have to get the whole downstairs floor replaced. It took awhile for insurance, us to get get multiple quotes, and finally purchase new flooring, but *hopefully* we are getting if replaced this Saturday if the flooring comes in on time. As of now, half our floor is ripped up and I'm cooking on concrete!

Needing: I am needing the price of flights to go down because I have a few Summer vacations coming up and these prices are ridiculous! When did it cost over $450 to fly and there are hardly any non-stop flights anymore. Geez!

Summer Lovin': I am super excited about my vacation to Wisconsin to meet up with some of my bloggy besties (Jessica & Melissa)! It's going to be some fun girl time! I'm also going to the TPT conference in Vegas which is going to be AWESOME! Finally, I'm going to Park City, UT with my husband for his work conference. I also love Summer b/c I won't be pasty white anymore and catch some rays. ;) I also get to read more over the Summer while I lay out.
Can't wait to see these girls in about 2 weeks!!!

Click here to read about what all your favorite bloggers are "Currently" up to over on Farley's blog. She's also trying to raise money for all of the pets that have been lost from their families due to the horrible flooding in Wimberley, Texas. You can donate to WAG to help the lost pets by visiting her page. 


  1. The strawberry cake looks delicious! I hope your flooring comes in. I remember what it was like having the kitchen unfinished as my husband redid our floor.

  2. Bummer about your floors! Hopefully you get them fixed soon. I am with you on the Kardashians. It's a show that totally sucks me in every time! I'm hoping we get some good weather in Vegas!! It will be a great time!

    Have a great week!

  3. I cannot believe your poor floors in your beautiful home. I hope that you can get that sorted stat! I cannot believe Vegas is almost here. It seems like it was ages away and now it is crunch time. Flights are ridiculous. You would think with gas being so low, flights would be low. We were planning on going to England this summer so our kids could meet their grandad, but it was going to cost us $2,000 for three tickets!!!!??? So....that is not going to happen. We will be flying him to the states instead. Ha! I hope to meet you in Vegas. Have a great week!

  4. THANKS for donating!!!
    I hear ya on damaged floors from flooding… our toilet overflowed and practically our whole house is now concrete… except this happened last July and they are finally coming to get our house back to normal … June 15th

    1. You're welcome, I hope you hit $500! I guess I should be happy our floors will be taken care of after a month instead of a year...that's horrible!!

  5. I know you will have a blast with Jessica and Melissa! Enjoy your summer travel plans!