June 26, 2015

Summer Stock Up SALE- Classroom Decor & Technology Integration

I'm linking up with Amanda from The Primary Gal for her Summer Stock Up Hop. I am going to show you a few classroom decorations you can use to brighten up your room! I also have some tips of how to integrate technology into your day. Get ready to read, because this is a bit of a long post, but it's SO worth reading b/c you'll get TWO freebies by the end!!!

Classroom Decor
Here's a peek into my classroom! I use black as my base color and then brighten it up with polka dots and bright colors (pink, blue, lime green, purple). I love how the pom poms add some color to the ceiling. I use the pom poms to distinguish my table colors. I can quickly tell the "green table" to line up or the "purple table" can go to the rug.
Since I've shared pictures from my classroom before, I'm going to show you pictures from a few of my classroom theme packs. All of my theme packs are the same, I just switch the theme. Below are a bunch of examples of things included in my theme packs. Here is a number line from my Alligator Classroom MEGA Pack.
Here are the days of the week, months of the year, and color posters from that bundle as well.
I made this Jungle Safari Theme pack this summer and think it is SO cute! I love this clipart from Kristen (Creative Clips) Here are a few of the name tags included. I also have name tags without the alphabet and numbers. I like to use different colors for student's first and last names to help them differentiate the two.
This Penguin classroom theme pack was a request from last year, but I love the purple and lime green colors this teacher requested. I use the dismissal cards attached to ribbon as pictured below. I then use clothespins with student's names and put them on the ribbon for their dismissal. It's so easy to just move the clothespin to another ribbon if a student switches how they go home that day. All the numbers are the student's bus number. I post this next to my door, so I can check it right before we leave for the day. If I kid has a note about a different dismissal, I also clip it to their clothespin, so it catches my eye to remember the change.
I like to show my students our learning objectives for the week. I put them in sheet protectors so they are instantly wipe-off! The students start to look at these on Monday to see what we are learning and will tell me, I already know what letters and words we are learning! Students like to have a schedule and this gives them an idea of what the week will look like. These are in my Sports Theme bundle.
I just made this Racing Classroom theme pack this summer as a request for another teacher and I love it! Here's a sample of the behavior clip chart that is in the bundle. Clip charts are a great way to reward positive choices and not focus so much on the poor choices students make. If students get to the top of the chart, they get to decorate their clothespin with a jewel! Yes, even the boys get excited for this. 
Are you ready for your FREEBIE?? This welcome banner is included in my Polka Dot theme pack and I thought it was something simple many teachers could use. Hang it above your desk or your classroom door to add a pop of color! Get the whole Polka Dot theme pack on SALE this weekend only!
Click the picture below to grab this FREEBIE!!!
If you are still looking for a classroom theme, but don't see what you're looking for, click here to see what other themes I have!
Technology Integration
I love integrating technology into my classroom because students are much more engaged! I use QR code activities, iPad apps, websites, and a smart board. Last year I started creating my Fluency & Fitness bundles to integrate technology and brain breaks. Teachers simply project the file onto their big screen and students say what is on the screen. Occasionally, an exercise screen pops up for added fun! I have it so the teacher can control how fast or slow the slides go, therefore they can go slow at the beginning of the year, and fast at the end of the year. 

Below these students are using the CVC Words Fluency & Fitness and on the right, the students are doing one of the Number Sense Fluency & Fitness games. 
Here's a first grade class doing the Number Fluency & Fitness. They LOVE the push-ups and it's so funny to watch them do them!
My 4 year old nephew loves doing Fluency & Fitness, so the last time I visited him we did the Letter Fluency & Fitness bundle. He went through the mixed alphabet set like it was nothing! #proudaunt ;) 
Still not convinced your kiddos will love Fluency & Fitness? Try it out first by grabbing this FREE sample of my Letter Fluency and Fitness bundle. Then, grab the whole Letter Fluency & Fitness on SALE this weekend only!!
This last tip is actually something one of my co-workers did. She has a friend that is a fireman, so for fire safety week in October, they Skyped with him. He was showing them the fire station, his equipment, etc. Then, the coolest thing happened...the sirens went off! He asked if they wanted to keep Skyping and follow him on their ride in the fire truck! When it was too loud to talk on Skype, they typed him questions and he'd respond. What a cool experience!! 
Thanks for reading until the end! I hope you find these FREEBIES helpful. Don't forget to click below to find more Freebies!

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