June 22, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream

This week's challenge was to blog about your goals and dreams for your TPT business.

I have traveled quite a bit in my life, but can you ever get sick of traveling? We recently went to St. Thomas and St. John with my husband's business and finally Blake enjoyed the beach life! He never really wanted to go to a beach for vacation, but once I finally got him there, he loved it. If you saw my posts a few weeks back, you know Vegas is a bit more his style. :) I would love to have more time to travel and maybe one day go to Australia! 
Since it's just me and Blake, we do like giving back especially around the holidays. We filled our truck up with food for a local food bank around Thanksgiving and then for Christmas we donated a lot of clothes and toys to a local organization. TPT allows me to give back even more!
I would love to do some professional development for teachers and for future TPTers. I get a bit nervous talking in front of adults and sometimes think "what the heck do I know that they don't already". When I go to professional development, I always learn new things or get reminded of something I've heard before and never ended up implementing, so may I would have something to offer. My goal this year is to look for more opportunities to share my ideas with teachers whether it be just in my district or at a state conference. 

I am so grateful for Teachers Pay Teachers and blogging! It has opened so many doors for me and I've been able to make some really great friends. Check back next week for the 3rd challenge.


  1. I love that you are able to give back. I would love to travel more too.

    A Special Kind of Class

  2. I'd take any PD you're in charge of any day :) My hubby isn't the "lay on the beach" type either, but I try to always drag him to tropical places! I love what you guys do at Christmas! So fun and sweet!

    Sparkling in Second

  3. Oh wow you are so generous - what a fabulous idea! I also love to travel :)

  4. Wow, y'all are such a blessing to your community. It's amazing when God allows us to use our talents to give to and help others! Keep up the great work!

    Simply Secondary