June 16, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Makeover Madness

I'm really excited to join so many other TPT bloggers in the TPT Seller Challenge! Each week we will have a challenge to complete to make our business better. I've slowly been updating my old products this year, but I hadn't gotten around to updating my Sight Word Rainbow Writing. It was one of the first products I uploaded when I started my store a few years ago. Look how ugly it was! UGH! Even my husband said "yeah, that is bad". LOL! 
Before: As you can tell, I hadn't yet discovered the world of cute fonts, clipart, and backgrounds. I was only using the free stuff I could find on TPT and the typical fonts found in Word (yes, I used to make products in Word---HORRIBLE!) Holy cow have I learned so much!! I only knew 1 person that did TPT and we didn't talk all that often, so I had no clue what I was doing. Thank goodness to the TPT forum and to my new Facebook and bloggy friends! How did people actually buy this product when it looked so boring? 

After: I've add page borders, cute fonts, my copyright :), and a whole new spunky cover! I also added 3 dice to this game so teachers can switch it out to keep making the game a bit different. 
This activity is editable, so you can put in your own sight words. I have the sight words from our reading series, but it's super easy to change them. I have my students use skinny markers when working on writing because it writes a lot like a pencil, but is much more fun! Fat markers are a bit harder, especially to fit a big word in a small space.
Students can use the smiley faces, happy stars, or cute colorful kids when rolling their dice. Whatever color they roll, is the color they use to write down a sight word. Click the picture below to find the *NEW* and improved Rainbow Writing and it's on SALE right now!!
As I was looking at my beginning stats of of my followers, I realized I never linked up my blog to my Blog Lovin' button at the top of my blog. Geez! Make sure you are following me everywhere to get the latest news of products, FREEBIES, giveaways, etc.

Thanks so much to these girls for putting together this TPT Seller Challenge! Visit their page to enter to win a $100 gift card! 


  1. The new cover looks great! It's funny how we all cringe when looking at some of our early products.

    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  2. I love it!! And I love how honest your husband was - haha! :]