Viva Las Vegas ~ TPT Conference 2015

I'm so excited to share all about my amazing experience at the TPT Conference this year! As you know, I have been to Vegas many times before, but it's never as fun as when you are with 1,100 teachers who have the same passions that you do! As Amy from TPT said "it's like adult summer camp". She was spot on because it was a few days of pure fun with some of your best friends.

Sadly, the first night I had a bad migraine and only attended the TPT Blogger Meet-up for about 20 minutes. I hated to miss out on meeting everyone, but if you get migraines, you know you just want a dark, quiet room! Luckily, TPT hosted a Networking Opportunity the following morning. We were divided by grade levels and I was so happy to meet many of the Kindergarten teachers that I follow. 
Top picture: Some girls from our Elementary Entourage blog! (Keri, Alex, Melissa, Jessica, Lisa, me, Amy) 
Bottom left: me & Alex (The Kindergarten Connection)
Middle: me & Hadar (Miss Kindergarten) - this girl has been so helpful this past year helping me with blogging and advice. I was thrilled to finally meet her!!
Bottom right: me & my bloggy bestie Melissa (Mrs. Dailey's Classroom
We knew that this conference was going to be jammed pack with sessions and meet-ups, but some of us wanted to make sure we had a bit of down time. Thursday night we went to the MJ Live show as the Stratosphere. Since we had so many girls, we took a party bus there and back. Woohoo!
Bottom left: me & Kristen (Easy Teaching Tools)
Bottom right: me & Carol (The Super Sparkly Teacher)
Do you see the lady in gold in the bottom picture? She wanted to join in our MJ picture after the show. We had to wait about 20 minutes on him, so she just hung out with us the whole time, occasionally yelling "where my girls at?"and shouting "MICHAEL, MICHAEL, GET OUT HERE!" She was so excited to meet MJ that when he finally came out she started screaming and gave him a huge hug. He told her she could get an autograph later, which made her fall to the floor crying. ( I think she thought he was the real MJ) It was a very memorable moment of the night!
Here are pictures of some of my bloggy buddies that I had so much fun meeting in person and hanging out with many of them throughout the conference. 
Top picture: More Elementary Entourage girls (Diana, me, Laura, Jessica, Alex, Melissa, Keri)
Middle left: me & Vera (The Tutu Teacher) enjoying the TPT Happy Hour
Middle right: me & Melissa hanging by the pool for the Make a Splash Teacher Bash
Bottom left: me & Beth (A Kindergarten Life for Me) ready for the Keynote 
Bottom right: me & Keri (Enchanted Kindergarten) enjoying the SDE exhibits
The last night in Vegas, some of us got together for dinner by the canal in the Venetian. We then had another meet-up hosted by the Primary Pack. 
Bottom left: Beth, me, and Jessica at dinner
Middle: Peggy, Keri, Jessica, me, Elyse at the meet up
Bottom right: with my bloggy besties Jessica, Melissa at the meet up
I really enjoyed the sessions that I attended and I learned a lot of useful information. My favorite part of the conference was getting to meet everyone. The meet ups were the best part because you had a chance to really talk and get to know each other a bit more in a relaxed atmosphere. Teachers are such sweet and caring people and are very supportive of each other. I'm so thankful to TPT for this amazing opportunity to be a part of this community of teachers that are inspiring and uplifting.  It really is a special group of people!


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures, Brittany!! So sorry you had a migraine the first night...YUCK!
    The Techie Teacher

    1. Thanks, I'm just glad it only last 1 night and didn't ruin the whole trip :)

  2. You are the best, Brittany!!! We loved getting to hang out with you this week in Vegas! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

    1. I had a great time with you girls too! Til next time...hope that's soon :)

  3. I definitely agree that the meet ups were the best part.

    Jennuine Teaching

  4. Can't wait to hang out ALL over again somewhere else lol! Love you girl!

  5. I'm sorry about your migraine. I know how that goes. I am on daily meds for migraines. I love your pictures!

  6. I just love you so much!!! I want to stay one more day next year so we can lay out at the pool alllllll day!!! Or, if Justin and I move in the spring, we'll get a house with a pool so you and Jess can just come to PA!!! You are the BEST and I just can't wait until I see you again!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  7. I know I walked past you a number of times!! I remember your button, but I didn't 'know' you yet from the online world! Looks like you had a great time!! I can't wait for next year!
    The Apple Basket Teacher