Our New Home Reveal - a Modern Makeover

If you've been wondering why I haven't been posting on my blog, creating TPT products, or on social media much in the past month, it's because I've been BUSY remodeling our new house! My husband and I recently moved and downsized quite a bit. It's just the two of us, so we don't need much! If we could be house flippers, we totally would! I love picking out all the finishes for a house and shopping for new home decor. We actually remodeled our first home all by ourselves (young & dumb) :), this time, we decided it was worth paying someone else to do the major stuff! I have pictures of all the before/afters, but I'll show you mostly afters.

I know this post is completely unrelated to teaching. #sorrynotsorry I'm just so excited to share what I've been doing for the past month---if you don't care, you can exit your screen now ;)

 Here's our house BEFORE.
 We cleaned up the landscape, got new lighting, and painted shutters/front door.
We have all new lighting throughout, new floors, new wall paint, new door/trim paint, etc. Are you ready??
 Here's the view when you open the door. 
 Since I'm super OCD, here's my organized office. 
 Living room BEFORE (that wall is going down!)
 Boom! Open space now! 
 Kitchen was nice, but not our style.
 We painted the cabinets, added recessed lights, new counters, new appliances, new floor. 

I have to say the backsplash is one of my favorite parts of the house! It's a gray stone with pieces of stainless steel.
 What's the point of this half wall? GOODBYE
 I'm standing where that wall was! 
 Can you tell we love modern decor? 
 Guest room - who's coming to visit?
Guest bath
Mater bedroom
 Master bath- didn't change anything
It's nice in here, not totally my style, but this would've been an expensive overhaul! I have to say that living on 1 level makes the water pressure and temperature SO much better in a shower! 
We LOVE sitting not the screened in porch. 
 We took out a big bush & tree so we could see a better view of the golf course behind us.
If you are looking at remodeling or shopping for new home items, SHOP around!! I used a ton of coupons and price matched at a lot of places! We also shop at Ikea, HomeGoods, At home, Target, Meijer, etc. where you get nice stuff at lower prices. Always see if furniture stores will negotiate! We got our patio furniture half off the sale price just because we just asked for their bottom dollar. :)

I am SO SO SO happy with how everything turned out! I did lose my closet room :( but have a big walk-in closet, so I managed. Blake said a guest room is probably more important than a closet room--- that's up for debate! I know this post was different than my normal post, but I hope you enjoyed a peek into my life!


  1. Beautiful!! Come out to Cali and help me with my house ;) I love the lighting in the front!

  2. ...and I'm officially obsessed with your living room and office. You guys did a FABULOUS job!!! It all looks amazing!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm a little obsessed right now too :)

  3. I love your style! Beautiful.
    Stephanie from Principal Principles

  4. I love your new house. What did you paint your cabinets with??

    1. We had someone paint those so they could spray them, but the can says Pro-classic semi-gloss paint from Sherwin Williams.

  5. Very nice. I adore the openness and the ikea lights.