November 17, 2015

Rockin' out Rhymes

Rhyming can be a difficult skill to grasp, but is important for students to learn. Rhyming helps students to hear smaller chunks in words which will help them when decoding words when reading. It improves their phonemic awareness skills too. I used a lot of rhyming centers at the beginning of the year to really give students practice with this skills. 

This Raking up Rhymes game can either use the rhyming cards to hunt for matches or play it as a memory game! It also come with 2 differentiated recording sheets. 
When I went to visit my 4 year old nephew, I took a few of my rhyming games to play with him. These Rhyming Sound Mats help him sort rhyming pictures to the correct mat.
Here's another simple game that can be played as a matching game or Rhyming Memory game. 
This Scoopin' Up Rhymes activity is a bit hard because students have to match up the pictures and words to their correct rhyming word. This can be differentiated so students can match up the words-words, the words-pictures, or all three!
If your students need some movement, you can use these Fluency & Fitness Powerpoints which help students practice rhyming words and get in some exercise. Students look at the bigger picture on the left side of the screen and then say which picture rhymes with it. 
Here are a few FREE website to work on Rhyming. I love the website Professor Garfield! It has a lot of great games to work on phonemic awareness skills. The Meet the Gang Rhyming Words game helps students find a rhyming picture matches. 
To work on reading rhyming words, you can play PBS Kid's Frog's Rhyming Machine.

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