January 24, 2016

Birthday GIVEAWAY ~ My Favorite Things

My birthday was last Wednesday, but with all the hype of the TPT sale, I wanted to wait and give you guys something to look forward to this week! I know most giveaways are teacher related, but I wanted to do something a bit different. My giveaways are going to be a few of my favorite things! You all know I'm a girly girl - so you won't be surprised with my choices. :) 

Giveaway #1 is a Michale Kors purse!!! I LOVE Michael Kors bags!! I used to have Coach purses, but I feel that Michael Kors is better made and hold up longer. I know not everyone likes pink, so I've picked out a neutral brown purse for giveaway #1! I like this purse because it's a small cross body bag so it's great for a night out or if you don't like to carry a big purse. My shoulder was causing me pain from carry big, heavy purses, that I've switched to smaller cross body purses lately. Enter the giveaway below.
Here's a picture of me wearing it, so you can see the size/style. 
Giveaway #2 is a $50 gift card of your choice from one of my favorite places: Victoria's Secret, Charming Charlie, or Target. I love the PINK clothes from Victoria's secret, they are super comfy! Charming Charlie has a TON of accessories and the whole store is color coded so it makes it super easy to shop! Who doesn't love Target?? I'll e-mail the winner and you can tell me which store you want your gift card for.  Enter the giveaway below.

Giveaway #3 is  the Naked 1 palette from Urban Decay! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love getting new makeup! I love all the colors in this palette and they last all day. It has so many neutral colors, so this is perfect for everyone. To enter this giveaway, head over to my INSTAGRAM account!
The giveaways ends on Wednesday night, so check back on Thursday to see if you were a lucky winner!!!

If you follow my TeachersPayTeachers store, I have just sent a FREE Fluency & Fitness Bundle to all of my TPT followers!!! If you weren't a follower when the e-mail was sent, you can buy this bundle here.

January 20, 2016

Start Your Year Inspired ~ TPT Sale

It's time for another TPT site-wide sale!!! Now is a great time to get everything off your wish list because you can save up 28% OFF! I'm teaming up with my friends Jessica (Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten) and Keri (Enchanted Kindergarten) to show you some of our bundles that will have BIG savings during the sale!

These bundles are some of my favorites and are huge deals during the sale!!!

If you're looking for a fun way for your students to practice literacy and math skills AND get the wiggles out, then Fluency & Fitness is for you! This MEGA Bundle is a growing bundle and currently has 29 different bundles (152 activities) and is a HUGE hit with students!! Here are a few of the new bundles that I added this month. SAVE $1110.10 on this bundle during the sale!
Here's what some teachers think about this MEGA bundle they purchased: 
I love teaching nursery rhymes and spend a whole week on each one. I created many activities for you to do with 10 of the most popular nursery rhymes. You can see my old blog post here to see what all is included in this Nursery Rhyme Bundle, but here's a preview of the activities. SAVE $10.60 on this bundle during the sale! 
These Literacy and Math Dot It! Games are fun for students to practice over 20 skills because they can use BINGO markers to mark their answers! You can see more examples and read about these Dot It! Games on this blog post here. Here's a preview of one of the games. SAVE $5.80 on each bundle during the sale!
Visit my TPT Store to find all the deals that are going on this Wednesday and Thursday only!

Now check out all the great deals my friend Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten has going on. Her Math Center Bundle is a big discount right now and is AWESOME! I love her centers because you can use them all year long! They don't have a monthly theme that limits their use and she has SO many to choose from. 

She also has some AMAZING exit tickets which are a quick and easy way to see if students grasped your lesson for the day. Here are the links to her Math Bundles for each grade level: Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade
Don't worry she has exit tickets for Reading too: Kindergarten1st grade, and 2nd grade

My friend Keri at Enchanted Kindergarten has some deals and steals too! I LOVE her Interactive Science Notebooks! These are so much fun for students to do and it's always hard to find good, appropriate content for science in the younger grades. 

This Snapshots into Black History is a great resource to teach students about 10 different African American historical figures. This bundle is great because you tie your social studies into your reading and writing block, that's a win-win!
If you're just starting the year or have any kids still struggling with letters, then you NEED this Learning my Letters Bundle! It is jammed packed full of activities to teacher upper and lowercase letters!  

Don't forget to put in the promo code START16 when you check out!

January 15, 2016

Teaching the Silent e Rule

When introducing silent e (as I call it), I told students that silent e had to remain quiet. He gets mad that he can't talk, so he pinches the vowel and makes it say its name. I loved using BrainPop Jr. to introduce lessons and was happy to see they had one for teaching silent e.
I also found this Silent e Song on YouTube by Preschool Prep Company. It's another fun way to teach students that the e at the end of the word makes the vowel say it's name.
I wanted students to not only work on reading silent e words, but work on changing CVC words into silent e words. These Silent e Flip Strips do just that! Students read the CVC words then flip over the paper to show the e, then read the new word. 
During centers, students can record their answers of how they changed CVC words into CVCe words. 
I also made a Silent e Bundle which has a handful of activities so students could get a lot of practice with this new skill. For the game below, students have to read the word before they can roll the dice and move around the game board. 
We used these cards in our pocket chart as a whole group to work on matching up CVCe words and pictures. Then students could play it as a memory or matching game in centers. 
My students had a lot of fun using these pointers to turn CVC words into CVCe words. 
To get some more practice with Silent e and Bossy R, I used Starfall's "Learn to Read" page. Students were able to practice these games on the computer during centers. Students had to fill in the missing sounds to spell the word that matches the picture shown.