January 24, 2016

Birthday GIVEAWAY ~ My Favorite Things

My birthday was last Wednesday, but with all the hype of the TPT sale, I wanted to wait and give you guys something to look forward to this week! I know most giveaways are teacher related, but I wanted to do something a bit different. My giveaways are going to be a few of my favorite things! You all know I'm a girly girl - so you won't be surprised with my choices. :) 

Giveaway #1 is a Michale Kors purse!!! I LOVE Michael Kors bags!! I used to have Coach purses, but I feel that Michael Kors is better made and hold up longer. I know not everyone likes pink, so I've picked out a neutral brown purse for giveaway #1! I like this purse because it's a small cross body bag so it's great for a night out or if you don't like to carry a big purse. My shoulder was causing me pain from carry big, heavy purses, that I've switched to smaller cross body purses lately. Enter the giveaway below.
Here's a picture of me wearing it, so you can see the size/style. 
Giveaway #2 is a $50 gift card of your choice from one of my favorite places: Victoria's Secret, Charming Charlie, or Target. I love the PINK clothes from Victoria's secret, they are super comfy! Charming Charlie has a TON of accessories and the whole store is color coded so it makes it super easy to shop! Who doesn't love Target?? I'll e-mail the winner and you can tell me which store you want your gift card for.  Enter the giveaway below.

Giveaway #3 is  the Naked 1 palette from Urban Decay! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love getting new makeup! I love all the colors in this palette and they last all day. It has so many neutral colors, so this is perfect for everyone. To enter this giveaway, head over to my INSTAGRAM account!
The giveaways ends on Wednesday night, so check back on Thursday to see if you were a lucky winner!!!

If you follow my TeachersPayTeachers store, I have just sent a FREE Fluency & Fitness Bundle to all of my TPT followers!!! If you weren't a follower when the e-mail was sent, you can buy this bundle here.


  1. I have been a follower of your prior to this contest and I did not receive your follower freebie. :( (JVeit1)

    1. It goes to your inbox on TPT. Login to your account, then in the top right corner click "my TPT", and you should see your inbox. Hope that helps!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend! I can't wait to celebrate with you in person in March. Just don't let me eat too many Taco Bell Tacos or anything crazy like that! I hear a can of Diet. Mt. Dew popping open as I type!! <3 you!
    Melissa from The Husky Loving Teacher