February 15, 2016

Kindergarten Stamping Center with a FREEBIE

Do your students love to stamp? Here's an easy way to make a stamping station that can you can use all year long!
First, you want to find good stamps. I love these See And Stamp Jumbo Uppercase Alphabet Stamps and See And Stamp Jumbo Lowercase Alphabet Stamps that I found on Amazon. The bigger size is easier for Kindergarteners to handle. I have some smaller ones that I use as well that were in my classroom when I started, but these are the ones I'd recommend. The See and Stamp stamps seem to stamp the letter clearer. 
I dedicated a whole center to stamping. It made it really easy for me to just switch out the worksheets from this Stamping Bundle for the skill we were learning, and the students would already know what to do. At the beginning of the year, we simply started with matching letters. This can be differentiated for some students to stamp the uppercase letter next to the lowercase letter on the worksheet.
Next, beginning sounds were thrown into the station tub. I chose to list the letters at the top of the page to give students a clue of the letters they'll be using. 
Need a litt extra practice on ending sounds, get this worksheet for FREE here!
Students can work on filling in the missing vowel sound and try to read the simple words.
Students will also get a chance to spell out CVC words. Grab this worksheet for FREE too here.
When you are ready, there are worksheets to work on blends and digraphs as well. 
Stamping is not only fun, but also helps with those fine motor skills. Switching out centers is one of the most time consuming parts of teaching primary grades. Having some centers that can stay for the whole year, make it much easier! Find all the worksheets above in my Stamping Bundle

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