Literacy & Math Activities for Spring Centers

My Spring Literacy & Math Centers Bundle got an update last year, and I realized that I completely forgot share it with you! Last year, I spend a lot of time updating my centers, so I must've just been a busy bee and forgot to post all about these activities. :) 
No matter what time of year it is, students can always get more practice on syllables. It is such a hard skill for them to grasp! This April Showers Syllable Sort will help students clap syllables all the way up to 4 syllables in a word. 
Addition seems to come easier to students than subtraction, so I knew I wanted to make another center activity to work on simple subtraction. This game is a BUMP game....have you played these? The kids loved them!! If they get the subtraction word correct, they put a block on the answer. If they get a card with that answer again, they get to double up their block and stay safe. However, if they only have 1 block on the number, and their opponent rolls the same answer, they can be bumped off that number! 
Even though time and money aren't a standard in Kindergarten anymore, I still introduced it some and worked on it more with my high ability students. The activity lets students match the price tag to the card with the coins on it.
Telling time can be a difficult concept, so we mostly worked on telling time to the hour. This game does however include cards to the half hour. Students simply grab a card, tell the time, then roll the dice and move around the board game.
Blends are another concept I introduced in the Spring in Kindergarten. This activity lets students match up the beginning blend, word, and picture or any variation of the 3 that you decide to put in the center.
Spring time is when we started hitting word families hard. I wanted to make something that I could easily differentiate for students. This Spin-A-Flower game comes with 3 letter and 4 letter word families, so you can easily distribute worksheets based on the reading ability of that student/group. Students simply spin a word family, find a flower with that word family in it, and then color it.
These are just a preview of some of the activities in my Spring bundle, there are actually 11 different activities with many of them having multiple ways to play!

If you have some students that still need help reading simple CVC words, grab this FREE real/nonsense word sort.
A response sheet is included to hold student's accountable for their work!

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