July 19, 2016

FREE Lilypad Letters Differentiated Activity

Students need a lot of repetition when learning the alphabet, but it doesn't just have to be with flashcards. This frog themed alphabet game will have your students wanting to work on their letters, sounds, & CVC words!
I found a frog fly swatter at The Dollar Tree and knew it would make a fun game. If you can't find one, I also included a frog image you can just attach to a flyswatter. One way to play is to simply tell the student a letter to find, and they can use the flyswatter to "jump" onto the letter.
I typically only put out about 9 cards at a time, to keep students focused. Once they have gone through the letters, you can add new letters. 
Don't you just love easy games that can be differentiated for your students? Choose between uppercase and lower case letters depending on their skill level. To make this a whole new game, you can have students say the letter sound instead of just the letter.
Students have fun just jumping from letter to letter! For your more advance students, you could also give students a CVC word and have them jump on the 3 letters.

Another fun way to play would be to use plastic frogs and have students "leap" onto a letter and say the letter and/or sound. I've seen these frogs at Wal-Mart, Target, party stores, etc. You can also find them on Amazon here. (affiliate link)
Grab this FREE Lilypad Letters Alphabet Game here!

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