July 8, 2016

Helping Students with Phonemic Awareness by Using Differentiated Work

This newly updated Sound Matching Bundle will help your students master those phonemic awareness skills! 
Teaching students to associate sounds with letters is essential for them to be able to become readers. Learning letter sounds takes a lot of practice! These sound match cards can give your students repetitive practice on matching up similar sounds and letter-sound correspondence. The differentiated cards allow you to decide which skill to give your students and which level of cards.
Here's a little preview of what some of the sound mats and cards look like. Isn't there just something so pretty about freshly printed activities!
This bundle includes sound mats to work on beginning, middle, ending, and rhyming sounds. The games are all played the same, so when it is time to switch out your center for a new skill, your class will already know how to play! Easy-peasy!

Students will simply find 3 cards to match the same sound they hear in the picture on top. Below are the beginning sound cards, so students hear /b/ in bee, so they will find 3 more cards that begin with /b/.
I created 2 different versions of the cards to allow for differentiation. Students can use the letters at the top of the card to help them identify the sound they are working on. For this middle sound game, they get a clue that the middle sound is A.
For your higher students, you can have them use the blank cards. They have to fill in the missing sound and then mach up the picture.
If you are giving students the cards with the empty boxes, I would suggest at least telling them what skill they are working on or they may not know if they should be listening for the beginning, middle, or ending sound in the picture. 
I love having 2 different versions to also help students not only match up sounds, but also match up sounds to the correct letter.
Rhyming is another vital skill, so these simple sound matching cards will help your students get a bit more practice on rhyming. You can try this sound matching bundle with a few of these FREE rhyming cards here or if you are wanting the whole bundle, you can find it here

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