September 29, 2016

The Little Red House Story FREEBIE

If you're doing an apple theme this Fall, you'll want to grab this FREE story called The Little Red House. It's a cute read aloud with a fun surprise at the end that shows students there is a star inside the apple.
1. Prepare - Print off this story and get a red apple and a knife. I typically hide the apple & knife before starting the story with my students. I don't want to give them any clues! You may want to read the story once before, just so you know when you'll help students discover the surprise in the story.

2. Read the story
3. Cut - Toward the very end of the story, you will start to cut the apple in half. You MUST cut the apple horizontally!!!
4. Show the Star - Once you cut the apple in half horizontally, you will see the surprise star in the middle. Your students will be SO surprised! Now you can explain that an apple is the little red house with no doors, no windows, and a star inside.
I love seeing the shock and surprise of students once you show them the star inside. I guarantee you'll have kids coming back to school tomorrow telling you that they showed this trick to their parents when they went home.  
Grab this FREE story here

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