Addition & Subtraction FREEBIE w/Toys from the Dollar Tree

As teachers, we LOVE scouring the Dollar Tree for cheap and easy toys and items we can use in the classroom. I ran across this bowling set and jumping frogs game and immediately thought I could use this to work on math facts. Lucky for you, I have created 2 FREE worksheets that can go along with these games!
Here is what the games look like and I found them in the toy aisle.

You can use the jumping frogs game to work on addition. Students grab a handful of frogs and see how many they can get to jump into the pond. They then record how many landed in the pond, how many were outside, and how many that is all together. Differentiate the amount of frogs they use, so they can make up different math problems. 
To work on subtraction, you can use the bowling game. Have students set up the bowling pins. They then roll one ball. Next, they will count how many pins they knocked down and record their math equation.
I made a colored and black/white version for each so you can have students use the worksheets, or slip one into a sheet protector so it can be used at a center with a dry-erase marker. Grab this FREEBIE in my TPT store here

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