Teaching the Silent e Rule

When introducing silent e (as I call it), I told students that silent e had to remain quiet. He gets mad that he can't talk, so he pinches the vowel and makes it say its name. I loved using BrainPop Jr. to introduce lessons and was happy to see they had one for teaching silent e.
I also found this Silent e Song on YouTube by Preschool Prep Company. It's another fun way to teach students that the e at the end of the word makes the vowel say it's name.
I wanted students to not only work on reading silent e words, but work on changing CVC words into silent e words. These Silent e Flip Strips do just that! Students read the CVC words then flip over the paper to show the e, then read the new word. 
During centers, students can record their answers of how they changed CVC words into CVCe words. 
I also made a Silent e Bundle which has a handful of activities so students could get a lot of practice with this new skill. For the game below, students have to read the word before they can roll the dice and move around the game board. 
We used these cards in our pocket chart as a whole group to work on matching up CVCe words and pictures. Then students could play it as a memory or matching game in centers. 
My students had a lot of fun using these pointers to turn CVC words into CVCe words. 
To get some more practice with Silent e and Bossy R, I used Starfall's "Learn to Read" page. Students were able to practice these games on the computer during centers. Students had to fill in the missing sounds to spell the word that matches the picture shown.