12 FREE Station Signs for Field Day

Field Day is such a fun event for the end of the school year! Don't stress about planning what to do, here are some easy, yet fun games for your class to play. These activities are cheap and easy to throw together! 
To make our field day more fun, we made team shirts. You can easily create a logo with your class name and year in Kindergarten and get the iron-on paper to create the shirts. We had 6 kindergarten classes, so each class picked a different color of shirt. Sadly another teacher had already picked pink. :(
This first game is called "Drip, Drip, Drop" and is one of my favorite games to play! This game is similar to Duck, Duck, Goose--just add water! Kids go around and squeeze a tiny bit of water out and say "Drip" on each kid. When they want someone to tag and chase them, they squeeze more water on that kid's head and say "Drop!!!" then start running. This game is so much fun, especially on a HOT day!! I'm in charge of filling the sponge so the kids don't get totally soaked. :)
 Who doesn't love a little Limbo? It's a perfect field day gay that can be a bit challenging too.
To give students a bit of a break from running around, we throw out some sidewalk chalk and let them have at it! You can find chalk really cheap at The Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart.
The students really enjoyed playing bean bag toss and found it harder than they thought. They got 4 bean bags to throw and try to make it in a bucket for their team to get a point.
Football toss only requires a foam football and a hula hoop. Students simply throw the ball and try to make it through the hoop. 
Over/Under is another fun activity that you can do with hula hoops. I didn't get a great picture of them in action, but students hold hands and then climb through the hula hoop and have it go over/under their bodies to get around the circle.
Fill the bucket is a great water game for field day! All you need are a few buckets and sponges. Students fill the sponge from one bucket, run to the other bucket and squeeze out as much water as they can. The first team to fill the water to the line marked, wins!
Don't forget to have a water station! It's important to keep your students hydrated. We had popsicles at our water station too. 
Students love autographing each other's shirts from field day! It's a great way to save those memories from the year. 
Click the picture below to grab 12 FREE Field Day signs that you can put at each station. You can attach them to a paint stick, old election signs, orange cones, etc. 

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