March 27, 2017

10 More Ways to Practice Sight Words

Teachers are always on the hunt for new ways to help their students learn, review, and practice their sight words. I previously did a blog post with 10 ways to practice sight words, which you can read here. I keep seeing teachers ask for sight word activities in some of our Facebook groups, so I wanted to show you even MORE ideas to use. Some of these may be things you've done in the past and just forgot about, some may be new ideas. Either way, now you'll have 20 activities to do whole group, small group, or independently at centers, so your students never get bored.  
Sight Word Towers - Simply write sight words on small cups. I found these baby solo cups at Target. Students will read the word and then build a tower. They can read them again as they take it down.

Hide and Seek - Students can play this game in pairs. One student hides a bear under a cup. Then, the other student has to name a sight word to guess where the bear is hiding. I like finding multi uses for materials I buy for the classroom, so use these cups in a variety of ways!

Mystery Words - Write words on white paper with a white crayon. Students paint over the words with watercolors to make the mystery words appear. This is by far a favorite activity!

Find the... - Put some sight words in a pocket chart. The students in the group will cover their eyes, while 1 student hides the picture behind a word. The other students then have to guess words until they find the picture. Whoever finds the picture, gets to hide it next. Simply change out the image for each month and you can use this center all year! 

Bead the Word - Students can build words with letter beads. Use pipe cleaners, so they stay in place. I like these letter beads from Amazon here. (affiliate link)

Bend and Spell - You can use pipe cleaners, yarn, wikki stix, etc. to have student simply bend the pieces into letters so they can spell a word.
Playdoh - Playdoh is a great way to incorporate fine motor skills while learning sight words. If you put a sight word list in a sheet protector, they can make off the words as they go.

MagnetsMagnets are always a fun and easy way to work on words. Use a variety of sets, so students recognize different fonts. I have a huge drip pan I got in the automotive section at Walmart to make a really big magnetic center.

Letter Tiles - Some reading series come with letter tiles which you can have students use to build words. If you don't have any, you can find some for only $10 on Amazon here. (affiliate link)

Scrabble - This scrabble spelling is similar to using the letter tiles above to spell out words. However, if your students are able to, they can also then add the numbers together to see how much their word is worth. This is a great way to incorporate math and reading together! You can use normal scrabble pieces, but these are some giant scrabble pieces that my college found at JoAnn Fabrics one Summer.
Hopefully you've got a whole new collection of ideas to try out with your students to make learning and practicing sight words a bit more engaging!

Don't forget to check out my other post here with more fun ways to practice sight words!

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