March 1, 2017

Building Words Literacy Center Game

Teaching students how to build words can help them on letter sounds, spelling, blending, and reading. I use these building word cards throughout the entire year to help students word on reading simple words, but to also have them identify beginning, middle, and ending sounds. I love how these cards are differentiated, so I can meet the needs of all of my little learners. 
At the beginning of the year, we work on beginning sounds. I give students a card and have them look at the picture clue first. We then practice listening for the first sound in the word. After students say the sound, they then identify what the letter is, and hunt for that letter.  For students that are ready to work on reading simple words, we'll point to each sound and start to blend the word. 

All the cards are differentiated so you can meet the needs of your students. One set of cards has dotted letter clues for kids to simply match up the letter, while the other set has an empty box so students have to figure out the missing sound on their own. You can use any kid of letter tiles, letter beads, magnets etc. I'll provide the affiliate links, so you can find the ones I like to use in case you need some for your room.  I found these white letter tiles on Amazon here
After your students master beginning sounds, you can start on the ending sounds cards. Since students will already know how to play this game, you can easily throw it in your centers and tell them this time they are working on ending sounds. I like using similar games throughout the year because it makes planning easy on me and giving instructions for new centers easy on the kids! These alphabet letters are actually beads, so besides using them for this activity, students can string these beads to word on building words, sequencing the alphabet, practicing their names, etc. I found them on Amazon here. I have the uppercase set, but it'd be nice to get the lowercase set as well so students are building the words correctly. 
When you are ready to teach short vowel sounds, you can whip out these middle sound cards.
Each set of cards comes with a recording sheet as well. Students will write down the missing sound they found to build their word. This is a nice way to hold your students accountable for their work while they are at centers.
You can find this Building Words Bundle in my TPT store here

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