April 9, 2017

Easter Fluency Find It

I LOVE my new Fluency Find Its series because it incorporates movement and team building into your literacy and math lessons. These fun holiday themed games work on essential reading and math skills that students should be fluent in for each period of the year, while giving them a chance to get out of their seats and move a little bit. 
Here's a little preview of my Easter Fluency Find It in action in a few classrooms. The CVCe words are from the Kindergarten bundle and the Place Value game is from the 1st grade bundle. 

How to Play:
Students get in small groups and stand behind their table with their worksheet in front of them. Students will say what they see on the screen, then hunt for the answer on their paper. After a couple of turns, a screen will pop up prompting students to switch players. The student finding the answers, will go to the end of the line. The switch spots screen is animated so they can watch the Bunny run down to the Easter basket. :) 

I've included 2 ways to play: timed slides or manual slides depending on how fluent your students are in that skill. This is the CVCe game in the Kindergarten bundle.
Literacy & Math Skills
Each bundle includes 5 different games to work on a variety of reading and math skills. It also includes an editable version so you can make your own! :) 

Below is the place value game from my 1st grade bundle. 
Recording Sheets
Students can play in groups to help each other hunt for the answer on the paper to match what they see on the screen. There are 2 worksheets you can use to differentiate learning if needed. You can have students color, circle, or highlight the answers, write in the answers, or I found some fun stamps to let them mark their answers as well.  

You can use this as an assessment and have students play this individually and then when the switch spots screen comes up, they can grab their paper and move to another spot at their table. Collect these at the end to see if kids know their letters, how to write their numbers, etc. 

If you like this idea, you can check out all of my Fluency Find It games here, along with my GROWING bundles! 

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