Why I LOVE my Treadmill Desk

First, I want to start by saying I am not getting paid to do a review on my treadmill desk, nor did I get my treadmill desk for free (I wish!). This is a 100% honest review. I simply have had many teachers ask me how I'm liking my treadmill desk, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you. I'll answer a few of the most common questions I have received. 
What treadmill desk did you buy?
I did some research before purchasing a treadmill desk and found many great reviews for the LifeSpan Treadmill Desks. I thought for the money, features, and positive reviews, it was the best option for me. I decided to go with the LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 Treadmill Desk which you can find here. It is pricey at $1,499, but I have put on about 20lbs since I left the classroom 3 years ago, and needed something to get me off of my butt. I sit on my computer for hours and work on TPT and on my husband's business. I do not like to work out, so I figured this was a great way to get me up and moving, while having the ability to stay productive. I knew I'd be wasting money on a gym membership, so I decided to invest in this instead. I also priced regular treadmills and they weren't that much cheaper. 

There is another treadmill desk (LifeSpan TR1200-DT5) for $200 less, but the desk itself has to be moved manually up and down instead of electronically. I knew that if I wanted to take a break from walking and a put a chair on the treadmill to sit for a bit, it'd be nice to just push a button and lower the desk. I read reviews that the DT5 was a bit hard to move up/down by yourself. 
Is there enough room to work?
Here is what the desk looks like. I got the gray color, but it does come in 4 colors. The desk comes in 38" and 48" sizes. I went with the 38" desk because my office is kind of small, and I figured with just a laptop, that would be plenty of room.
What features does this treadmill desk have?
Here is what the control screen looks like. You can keep track of your time, distance, steps, calories burned, and speed. I never used a FitBit or Apple watch to keep track of my steps, because I knew I was always sitting on my butt all day working and wouldn't have even gotten close to 10,000 steps. I didn't need something tracking how lazy I am. :) Now, I love seeing how many steps I have in! I've even gotten over 21,000 steps in one day.  Since I work from home, I typically get in 4-6 miles a day with some days going up to 8+ miles! 

If you hit the stop/reset button on the treadmill to take a break, it will keep all of your information on the screen. I really like this feature, because I may walk for 3 different segments throughout the day, and then I can see how many calories/steps/miles/etc. I did for that entire day. You can hold down the stop/reset button and it will clear all of your info, so you can start from 0 if you'd like. I reset it each day. 
How big is the treadmill desk?
The whole treadmill desk measures about 69"x38". Remember I said my office was kind of small, so I knew this would look a bit big in the room. I figured it'd be worth it to get me off my butt! :) I think it took my husband about 45min or so to put this whole thing together.
How fast do you walk?
I read most people typically walk at 1.5mph. I'm a fast walker as it is, just ask my past students; they were always way behind me in line LOL! I was walking at 2mp to get used to working and walking. I didn't have any trouble focusing or learning how to work and walk. After a week of walking at 2mph, I decided to try 2.5mph. This is a great pace for me: not too fast, not too slow. It does go up to 4mph, so you can find what pace fits you. The 4mph is more of a speed walk, so I wouldn't recommend it for working. However, 4mph was too slow to run. These treadmills are not meant for running. I will also say that it seems fairly quiet. I can have my TV on in the background and hear it just fine without having to turn the volume way up.

Is it hard to work and walk?
For me, not at all! I don't have a problem creating resources, answering e-mails, writing blog posts, etc. I can honestly say that I feel more focused working. Yes, I take breaks to go run errands, sit and watch TV, eat, etc. because of course those are the benefits of working from home and having a flexible schedule. However, I used to sit on the couch and work (even though I did have an office) and I found I would get distracted easily. It could be the fact that I'm getting more oxygen to my brain to help me focus, my determination to lose weight, or just the fact that I truly enjoy walking and working. I NEVER wanted to work out, so this is perfect for me. I get so focused on TPT sometimes, that I forget I'm even walking.
I have recommended this treadmill desk to my sister who also works from home, to other full time TPTers, and to other teachers that would like to just move a bit more without having to lose their time to work. You can easily grade papers, lesson plan, blog, etc. while walking.

You can search the LifeSpan website here, to see what options are best for you. If you already have a standing desk, you may just want to buy the treadmill to go under it. They also have bike desks as well.

Let me know if you have any more questions that I can answer! This was a big purchase, and I was nervous about it, but it has turned out to be worth every penny!

Companion Activities for 6 Popular Winter Books

Even though I'm not a big fan of Winter, some of my favorite children's books are read in the Winter such as The Gingerbread Man, The Polar Express, and the Mitten. These books are so much fun to read, that I like to use them for a whole week. I created a Winter Stories Bundle with some activities to go along with 6 popular books many teachers read in December and January. This way you can teach with this book all week long. I will include affiliate links to these books on Amazon in case you don't have any of these. 
Each bundle includes the same activities, so you students will start to learn what to do without you having to explain the directions over and over. 

Activities included
• teacher large vocabulary/retelling cards in color
• student small vocabulary/retelling cards in b/w
• full sheet poem/quote from the book (color or b/w) 
• small poem/quote from the book (b/w with image)
• small poem/quote from the book (b/w without image, students illustrate it)
• sequencing cut & paste worksheet
• student book (shortened summary of the book)
• comprehension quiz

Students enjoy having their own set of puppets/vocabulary cards to retell each story. They also enjoy making the small books, so they have their own version to read during reading time or to take home to their family to read. I like using the comprehension quiz and sequencing worksheet so I can see if students were listening to the stories and comprehending what was happening. 
Some teachers read The Gingerbread Man at the beginning of school and send their kids on a hunt (tour of the school) to find the Gingerbread Man. I like to read many of the Gingerbread series books in December. We always start with the original The Gingerbread Man before adding some of the newer Gingerbread titles. It's a fun story about a Gingerbread Man cookie who tries to run away from everyone so he doesn't get eaten. 
The Gingerbread Girl is such a cute book about her getting revenge on the fox for eating her brother The Gingerbread Man. 
The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett is adorable and always a student favorite as it has a new twist on the gingerbread cookie trying to escape. 
The last week of school in December, we read The Polar Express and watch the movie on our last day before break.  Students enjoy this book because a little boy gets to ride a train to the North Pole and receives the 1st gift of Christmas!
Another great book from Jan Brett is The Mitten. It's a cute story about a boy who drops his mitten in the snow and many animals try to climb inside to stay warm.
I couldn't find this exact book for sale anymore, but I did find another Frosty the Snowman book if you need it. This book has a fun song to go with it and the story sparks students excitement about a snowman coming to life to play. 
You can find all of these activities for each individual story, or you can buy the whole Winter Stories Bundle and save $$$!